HostMilano 2019: Faribon out to conquer Hospitality

Omas will be at HostMilano from 18th to 22nd October 2019 to introduce Faribon to all visitors coming from all over the world. The much awaited show cooking will allow to people present to taste the dishes prepared at with local product.

HostMilano 2019  scheduled for the second half of October, from 18th till 22nd, is the biennial fair deals with all necessary aspects for the success of a public place: from the more traditional ones, such as furnishings, to the last generation equipment, designed to make easier people meal sector work and to guarantee a very high quality yield of finished product.

This is a very huge event with great potential divided into three macro areas that deal with the most interesting aspects of the hospitality market by workshops, masterclasses and show cooking held by exceptional guests. A turnover of billions of euros which continues to increase every year more, opening up to aspects  as home delivery and export

HostMilano can boast an audience from all over the world: from Italy of course, but also from Europe, United States, New Zealand and Latin America.

Omas will participate to the Event strong of the excellent performance of Faribon 600 P, the professional mill with incredible versatility that allows to obtain a local finished product , genuine, high quality and, according to the needs, also customized in the grain.

Omas will dedicate the stand to Faribon's  presentation with the purpose to make known its great potential high performance and its technology: Faribon will be in the spotlight!  But there will be much more…

Omas has planned several exciting shows cooking  with exceptional chefs that with Faribon 600 P, will prepare original dishes giving vent to all their creativity. What better way to present Faribon 600 P? All visitors will see first  hand and, especially, will taste the dishes cooked at Omas’ stand  starting from the grinding of the different types of cereals!

This will be a unique opportunity for all people deal with hospitality sector to learn about the potential of the professional Omas mill Faribon 600 P!



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