Senatore Cappelli Wheat: the super healty 100% Italian durum wheat

History of Senatore Cappelli Wheat

Senatore Cappelli wheat is an ancient wheat, obtained by the geneticist Nazareno Strampelli crossing various types of wheat in 1915. It differs from the modern Creso wheat because it is a more ancient variety. 

The name Senatore Cappelli was given in honor to the Marquis Raffaele Cappelli who granted Strampelli a land near Foggia, where experimental sowing took place. Raffaele Cappelli began the agrarian transformation in Puglia and was one of the main supporters of the crossing obtained.

Senatore Cappelli Wheat became famous in a short time because it was more resistant and guaranteed a greater yield. Over the years it was supplanted in favor of Creso wheat, but fortunately in recent years Senator Cappelli wheat has returned in vogue for its organoleptic properties, as well as for its lower gluten content than classic wheat, a particularly high protein intake and a rich and full-bodied flavor.

Characteristics and properties of Senatore Cappelli Wheat

The plant of this wheat is distinguished from the others because it can reach the height of 180 cm. and can be grown only by biological method because herbicides would break the plant. The grain of  Senatore Cappelli Wheat is particularly hard and this allows you to make a type of pasta that keeps the cooking in an exemplary way.

Also, did you know he’s a very valuable substitute for Kamut? In terms of nutritional properties it has nothing to envy, but what is even more important is that it is a 100% Italian wheat, a true expression of the territory and completely organic. Finally, a little information note, the Kamut is a registered trademark and sometimes, the higher price is also determined by this factor.

How to use Senatore Cappelli Wheat 

The Senatore Cappelli flour is great for focaccia, pizzas, bread, taralli, but also mixed with wholemeal flour for savory pies. Wonderful also the fresh pasta made with Senatore Cappelli Wheat. 

So pick a good Senatore Cappelli grain and a cereal grinder. Faribon is the electric cereal grinder that in a single step separates bran and flour and thus keeps intact the nutritional properties of the grain intact and allows us to always have a fresh flour if necessary, in this case, a good flour, nutritious and healthy wheat-based Senatore Cappelli. 

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