Tourist Farms

Tourist farmhouses will no longer be able to do
without it

Faribon allows you to grind cereals and coffee directly on your farm. It enables transforming any type of non-oily grain into high quality flour with unique and genuine nutrients. 

Fresh Pasta Shop

Fresh pasta shop: 100% from farm to table

Fresh pasta definitely tastes better when mixed with flours made directly in your Shop. With the Faribon mill you can finally say that the pasta is 100% made in your shop, from grinding the raw material to the finished product!

Fresh Pasta Shop


An added value for restaurants

Used by many star chefs already, Faribon allows grinding cereals directly in your restaurant or workshop thus creating customised and original recipes that will make your dishes even more authentic. 

some of the best
use Faribon

Marc Vetri


Authentic and genuine delicacies

Whole wheat, corn, Kamut, rye, spelt, barley, rice... all flours that you can obtain in your laboratory with Faribon, at zero-km. Faribon 600 Professional is also suitable for the most demanding pastry makers who need to keep it in operation for many consecutive hours. 

some of the best
use Faribon

Lucca Cantarin
Pastry Chef

Chad Robertson
Pastry Chef

Chris Bianco
Pastry Chef


Pasta, pizza and biscuits with homemade flours

Now you can make your own pizza, bread and biscuits with flours ground directly at home thanks to Faribon 600, the grinder which Omas produces also in the domestic version to allow you to make healthy and genuine bakery products without losing the taste of tradition.