Great news for the Faribon website: the new "Recipes" section is online!

Here is a very accurate selection of recipes that can be made thanks to Faribon, the professional mill of Omas. Many new ideas for alternative meals to be made with quality flour, made on the spot directly in your kitchen!

Are you looking for new recipe to make with your Faribon 600? Here you go!

The professional mill made by Omas, able to separate the bran from the flour in a single step, is so versatile and easy to use that, even if you do not have it yet , you will love it only by reading the recipes that we propose.

All these dishes have been previously prepared and recommended by restaurants, chefs and holiday farms that use Faribon, so these are foods that have already been tested and tasted even by the most discerning palates.

From cantucci to polenta, from fresh pasta to focaccia, passing by chocolate barley cake and muffins, thanks to the expert recipes yet specialized with Faribon you can prepare many new dishes, experimenting with alternative cereals and inventing many new combinations.

The one of faribon is A continuous search for excellence, of an instrument equipped with components designed for a precision in the milling process allowing perfect adjustment of the desired grain size for a 0 km flour. An added value that can make any dish even more delicious.

Have you ever tried to make some recipes that haven't been published on our website yet? Write us by e-mail and send us some pictures, our staff will analyze it: you could then find your recipe on our website!

The section will be updated periodically, so follow us and read all the latest news!



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