Faribon is getting improved and it still amazes: grain size lower than 220 microns

The new update makes Faribon even more performing, thanks to the extremely precise fixed–mobile grinder combination

New upgrade for Omas professional mill Faribon, the mill that is able to divide bran and flour in a single step, to obtain a ready-to-use product which keeps nutrients intact.

For the new and improved Faribon, the grinders rule, or rather the fixed–mobile grinder combination: in fact, it is necessary high precision to make the combination perfect since the mobile grinder is directly connected to the crankshaft; please consider that the combination between the two parts requires few hundredths of tolerance to ensure uniform cereal grinding.

For this reason, Omas engineers and designers, who are always focused on improving the performance of already excellent mill, dealt with a meticulous review regarding this technical aspect that not only allows adjusting the grain of obtained flours with Faribon, but also to realize an extremely fine ready-to-use product, lower than 220 microns.

This is an important upgrade for a tool that is already an added value in every kitchen, and every day allows to Hotels, B&B, restaurants and private to realize their homemade delicious dishes.



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