Faribon is getting more and more performant: many new features for the Omas electrical cereal mill

Faribon is the innovation! The electrical cereal mill, designed to guarantee an homemade flour production, has been further optimized in its functionalities in order to produce a final product of incomparable quality

It’s simple like an household appliance and designed to separate flour from bran in one step. Faribon imposed itself on the market for some time, thanks to its extraordinary technical features that includes an hourly production among the highest in the sector, between 25 to 50 kg/h, high resistance and a steel frame painted with epoxy powders suitable for food contact without releasing any dangerous substances for health. 

From now on, Faribon is enriched with more advanced technical features, designed by Omas engineers and technicians to make the electrical cereal mill better performing: the couple of conical and adjustable grinders, the servo-ventilated motor and all the entire Faribon have been carefully checked in order to make the machine even more efficient. 

From farmhouses to restaurants, from upmarket pastry shop to restaurants and homemade, if cooking is your passion, with Faribon  you can prepare homemade healthy dishes, also suitable for celiacs thanks to the milling of not well known cereals as millet, rye and amaranth.

Choose the authenticity and homemade guaranteed by Faribon!



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