3 reasons + 1 to discover the pleasure of grinding your flour with Faribon

Did you know that March 20th is World Flour Day? A commemorative day that was born in 2019, inaugurated by the Flourworld Museum in Wittenburg, Germany, with the aim of celebrating "the white gold of life". Yes, because flour is the basic ingredient of the daily diet of humanity.

To celebrate this day, Faribon gives you 3 good reasons + 1 to mill your flour directly in your kitchen. Let’s find out together:

  • Using a good quality flour is fundamental for obtaining an excellent product. By directly grinding your own flour, the nutritional properties are fully preserved. So besides obtaining flour with an intense taste, you get a healthier and more genuine product.
  • As mentioned in the previous point, the home-milled flour has another flavour. Think about the coffee obtained by grinding the beans at the moment. Doesn’t it taste completely different than coffee pods for example? Well, for the flour it happens the same thing: the palate will get used to a quality fresh flour, feeling and appreciating the difference. It will be difficult to go back!
  • Grinding directly the flour gives full awareness of what you are eating, because you know exactly what is inside, introducing cereals to the origin. Choosing to produce your own flour is much more than a simple additional step for the preparation of a recipe, it means consciously choose every day what to eat, but above all how to eat: from the assortment of types of grains, until the choice of the cereal supplier.
  • Last but not least, grinding the flour yourself is a satisfying and rewarding experience. An added value to bring to the table for yourself, for diners and customers.

Which cereals to use?

Faribon 600 allows the milling of dry cereals such as oats, barley, spelt, amaranth and many others. In a single step flour and bran are separated, thus obtaining a ready-to-use product that keeps its nutritional principles intact. Discover our guide to cereals.

About Faribon

Faribon 600 exists in two versions: Faribon 600P, a professional mill suitable for farms, farmhouses, pastry shops and restaurants. Faribon 600D is ideal for grinding flour directly at home, to bake healthy and genuine products, without losing the taste of tradition.
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